Ten Years Later…

Ten Years Later...

I’ve been posting my comics and stories of the internet for a long time but recently I found out I’ve been on deviantart for ten years – which is pretty much how old Kiddo and Emil are.

God it’s doesn’t feel like ten years has gone by but as it turns out my tenth year high school reunion is coming up so…yeah. I’m old as dirt. This year I was all about cool watches and boyfriend cardigans (I blame Jimmy Smitts for my new obsessions) so I drew myself in my favorite ones out of my collections and my favorite necklace which has a bronze turtle pendant on it. My bangs grew out like a month ago and now I wear it to the side like before. The Folder (as seen in my first I.D.) had been retired ever since 2009 now I draw on 11×17 sketch paper that comes like 100 sheets per pack. As you can see I have to hold it together with a clamp

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