I was catching up on Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters when I got the urge to draw Darkly. Random? Not so much cause Master Chavez is the shit – he kicks ass and takes names and it got me thinking about my resident Hispanic.

Darkly is without a doubt the coolest nerd EVER. For one thing his last name is Vegas. He’s only 5’5 but his girlfriend is the hottest girl in the I.T. crew. And he’s got the greatest super power: INTELLIGENCE! He’s not your typical ‘smart guy’ – he regularly speaks his mind to who ever he feels like regardless if they can kick his ass or not – he don’t care! He’s not shy or introverted. He’s not ripped (best part about him, his little belly) – all my other boys are in shape but not Dark. He’s just DARKLY!…and he’s all mine!

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