Lily ‘Kiddo’ Breland

Lily 'Kiddo' Breland

Full name: Lillian Delrina Breland
Alias: Kiddo
Age: 16-17
Height: 5’6
Weight: 125 lbs

Before joining I.T. Lily was a very normal teenage girl. She went to school, got good grades, had a few friends and enjoyed playing volley ball. She has the aspiration of becoming a doctor, like her parents. Her father was a pharmacist and her mother was a surgeon. Her powers first manifested when she was thirteen – while playing with her younger brothers, Hunter threw a ball at her and when she flinched her powers deflected it away from her. After that her father told her to be very careful not to use her powers in public – and that it was now Hunter and Erol’s job to protect her if someone should see it and try to take her away. For three years Lily practiced using her powers, little by little – but she still can not control them in situations of extreme distress.

After her parents death and joining I.T. Lily is determined to still follow her dream of becoming a doctor.

Lily is a somewhat reserved girl. Like any teenager she is sometimes unsure of her feelings and hesitates to act on them. She tries to express them as often as possible – knowing her powers will lash out if she keeps them bottled inside. To help with this she has a diary that she keeps with her almost at all times. Her main fear is not being able to control her powers – that she might hurt herself or her brothers by accident. Or if she’s using them to fly that they might cut out on her. There’s also the possibility of over using them and being destroyed by the energy that generates them.

Lily’s power is energy manipulation, and therefore they are virtually limitless. She can shoot it from her hands, make a barrier, and propel herself off the ground. If she’s using a mass amount of her powers her eyes will glow and every thing around her will levitate – her energy creates something like a gravitational pull/orbit. Because she is basically pure energy, Lily often glows in the dark, even when not using her powers. If she is asleep, the light with fade in and out as she breathes. While her powers are limitless, she is not. In order to not be destroyed by them she can not constantly use them. The mental and physical stain will exhaust her and without a mind to control the energy it will just keep going until it is contained (energy can not be destroyed).

Lily’s relationships – Warning: Slight spoilers ahead!

Erol and Hunter: While Lily loves her younger brothers she often annoyed by them. On one hand they protect her from harm. On the other hand they as still teenage boys and are prone to moments of immature behavior. They take protecting Lily very seriously but they also take video games seriously. They are wary of any other boys that talk to Lily – giving them the third degree and scrutinizing them until they are sure he can be trusted – the same goes for Emil, Darkly and Aiden. If they argue it is mostly just nonsensical sibling squabbles.

Emil: Lily and Emil get along for the most part at first because they have to. She doesn’t enjoy living with him because he is nosy and his job at the bar has him stumbling in at odd hours. In the beginning Lily does not like Emil because of the training he puts her through. And he often dismisses her cautious observations as nagging. As they get to know each other, they grow closer – finding that they have a lot of the same interests – which is surprising for two people who are so different. When she learns about his past Lily realizes Emil is just like her – a normal person suddenly thrust into a strange and different situation.

Del: Lily respects Del a lot. She sees the woman as a role model and often looks to her for advice. Del teaches Lily the basics of combat and field medicine.

Zen: Lily and Zen don’t really get a long. Their personalities clash. Zen is very brazen and arrogant and Lily finds it annoying. They find themselves in a begrudging alliance.

Sonya: Lily and Sonya become close friends very quickly. Lily finds it easy to talk to Sonya because of how close they are in age. They spend a lot of time together in Sonya’s shop.

Darkly: Lily and Darkly are not exactly friends but they don’t hate each other. Darkly knows who Lily’s father is and is therefore very wary of her. It also adds to the fact that he’s a very awkward guy.


Kiddo’s official bio 🙂

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