View From the Top

View From the Top

Just a little something to show Kiddo’s life with Alpha isn’t all that bad. Despite being underhanded he’s actually nice to his granddaughter – he dotes on her and gives her anything she wants. Including a room that faces East. Yes unlike nearly everyone on the I.T. crew Kiddo is a morning person. I think the only other morning person is Del and sometimes Sonya. But Kiddo likes getting up to watch the sun – after all she is pure energy, so when a giant energy source rises in the sky she gets up. And because she sort of demanded it she gets a room with an unobstructed view. Not that Alpha tore down buildings to give her that… no…

It’s the return of the headband from issue two – one of the few things she was able to keep after moving in with Alpha. Since the other girls were all dressed in pink and purple I put her in green and blue. Even though there’s a trope about redheads that wear green 🙂

…that balcony might get revamped tomorrow

Lily ‘Kiddo’ Breland belongs to me

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