Blue Gangster


So… I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson’s Xscape for the past week. It’s amazing how Timberland updated his music. My favorite song on the album is called ‘Blue Gangster’ and it reminded me of Darkly. You see, years ago when I created Darkly I did so while listening to ‘Bad’. So now in my mind Michael Jackson inspires Darkly related stuff.

This came out a little more…sinister than I meant it to. I got his pose from this picture of Javier Bardem: That man and his expressions… anyway I guess this a look at what Darkly would be like if he were a bad guy… now I want to do everyone else as their own evil twin

I am in love with the idea that he wears a necklace with Sonya’s name on it 🙂

Darkly Vegas belongs to me and is featured in Illegal Tender


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