Illegal Tender 5×12

CCF29082014_00002Look how skinny Dominic used to be!! LOL He was a total twink. And yes, that little girl Emil refused to kill was in fact a twelve year old Sonya! I love Kiddo’s face – she’s in disbelief that Emil tied things together like this. And that her father could be so malicious. But then again he is a Reid and if they want to use their powers on you they’re gonna.

That normal woman is not really anyone important – her kids are not going to pop up later on and no one will come or revenge against Emil. I wanted to give her a striking appearance to signify what a big deal her death was. Emil has gotten away with murder – that’s what this is. But he lives with the guilt everyday so don’t think he just killed her a moved on with his life. The ‘stronger’ super that John is referring to is Sonya’s father but Emil had nothing to do with his death.

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