I.T. 5×17


Erol really commits to his sarcasm. I made up the name of their school – if there really is a North Peachtree high school somewhere here in Georgia the use of the name was a complete fluke. Lead in page – Kiddo decides that full disclosure is better than coming up with a lie. Her friends would ind out sooner or later that her parents are dead. She just left out the part where her grandfather is the leader of the Agency and that she is an extremely powerful super. They don’t need to know that. The boy they mentioned will be making an appearance later on in the comic but I promise it won’t turn into some stupid teenage love triangle between her, Emil and this guy.

Her two friends are actually rehashed versions of her friend Ali from the original Kiddo. I think I want the redhead to be named Alison and the tall one to be Tracee.

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