I.T. 5×18

ScanThis page gets a warning because of all the slurs and cursing. When I tell you Erol commits – man he commits. I love that he gets confidence from his brother. It doesn’t matter that Jonas is bigger or meaner than him – as long as Hunter has his back he’ll stand up to anyone. And he was never going to out-do the twins – they’ll take it there. They’ll take it there, get a souvenir, take a picture and then come back. I like to dream that gay students stand up for other struggling students – they’d want someone to do that for them right? I used to stand up for my fellow nerds (even though I never got any support in return).

OMG! It’s LUC!! Luc made his debut! I think everyone knows where this is heading next. Sorry Dom/Erol fans… but not really sorry. Bit of a rush on this – been slacking all week.

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