I.T. 6×01 and 6×02

Page 6x01 Page 6x02


I am so sorry… I didn’t mean to make young Alphonse so hot. I really didn’t but look at his grandkids – they don’t get all their looks from their momma’s side of the family. I almost wanted to give him freckles but he doesn’t have them as an older adult so I decided against it.

I love – repeat – LOVE seeing how a town/city has progressed or regressed. Looking at pictures of before and after, urban exploration, things that have been retaken by nature – it’s just really cool to me. So I figured the city they live in must’ve been nothing more than a battle camp 200 years ago. After all the city I live in was founded in the late 1800’s so two hundred years ago it didn’t even exist. It’s actually an old railroad town that still doesn’t have any tall buildings but it’s quaint and I love it. BTW the mountains are still there – the buildings are just blocking them in current day. Atlanta still looks like it’s developing – we’ve still got trees galore. There’s a tree in my backyard that’s easily a hundred years old.

I’m not really a history buf so I don’t know how accurate the clothing is and I wasn’t really going for 100% either – I wanted to do a general old-timey fashion. I also don’t state which war it is – that’s an old trick to keep it from being terribly dated in the future 🙂

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