I.T. 6×05

6x05Poor Alpha – the only thing he was wrong about was testing it on animals. And that it would give everyone the ability to heal. Nope. All it does is unleash some latent ability and it varies from person to person – like how some people can roll their tongue and others can’t. I figured Alpha’s super serum should work the same way. Initially at any rate, once you’re changed your kids will inherit your powers unless of course your spouse is also a super – then it’s a luck of the draw. His ability was energy manipulation and energy can pretty much do anything – including heal people.

Mystery solved! General Croix is in fact Emil’s great great great grandfather… was that too many greats? Yes, Emil’s ancestor on his mother’s side (his father isn’t a super). If you’re wondering why Dominic and Gloria don’t have heterochromia well again that’s one of those ‘luck of the draw’ things. Genetics are fun!

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