I.T. 6×06


So all this time Alpha has been a prisoner within his own organization. Thinking because people loved John that he was safe from the hammer. Well no, no one is safe. And this shit is about to unravel real quick.

I kept laughing to myself when I looked at my most recent poll and saw what most people thought Lily would do. I’m so glad that my character isn’t predictable. Literally no one guessed ‘avenge her father’ and ‘join him’. There’s no denying it anymore, the girl is a Reid. I can’t help but feel really bad for Alpha – he didn’t even know that the Agent closest to him is the one that killed his son. And she’s been smiling in his face the whole time. I sure hope nobody liked Cynthia cause her ass is grass now.

Alpha really can’t catch a break. You’ll see why at the end of this issue. A lot of things are in motion…

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