I.T. 6×09

6x09I was so proud of how the tombstone came out – but then it made me incredibly sad because it’s a tombstone. Yeah Del’s parents place is actually in the ground. Zen is not fond of cemeteries, that’s what Del meant on page 7. Y’know the more I think about it the more I’m realizing what a coward Alpha is. I mean his has this great power and logically he could’ve stopped the Agency on his own by now, right? But I’m thinking he’s too afraid to do it on his own. Inside this 200 year old man beats the heart of that skinny little redheaded nerd he used to be and still is. People just don’t see it seeing how he’s walked into I.T. twice and was seemingly unflinching in the face of some many people that could kick his ass. Like what he does on this page. He knows Del can literally tear him in half but here he is talking to her like they are old friends. Nope, he just hides his fear very well when doing things for his grand kids.

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