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Scan 5

Something cute I thought of when trying to decide who to draw. I realized I’ve never drawn Katherine and Hunter together. It’s even cuter because they are both half black. Hunter is black and white – Katherine is black and asian. Team mixed kids for real! I love it when I get to show black people come in way more colors than how they are represented in mainstream comics. These two started out very rocky but just like Emil and Kiddo they’ll eventually end up together – until Kathy goes off to college :( But that’s not for a while so in the mean time we have cocky selfies on instagram.

Her hair makes her slightly taller than him – 2 freakin cute
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It Pays To Be Short

Drew this on my cintiq – after four months I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’ve been listening to Adele 25 and it’s a great album. This came to mind while listening to “All I Ask”. Sonya and Darkly did start out as friends – from the moment she stepped into I.T. they got along. And it was Darkly who made the first move out of the friend zone’. Nothing against the other I.T. couples but Sonya and Darkly are my favorite. There’s just something about a Hispanic boy and a half Jamaican girl that just go together 🙂

Illegal Tender

cropped-zazzle-banner.jpgIn a world where having super powers is illegal, all super humans are required to register themselves and serve an insidious corporation simply known as ‘The Agency’. The organization has spent years amassing a virtual army of Supers and spreading propaganda that supers are contagious. Those who do not want to serve are detained – indefinitely.

There are a few supers that have formed a resistance. Using their powers to stay under the radar and out of the Agency’s control. They operate out of a small bar – teaching others the truth about super beings and fighting for equality. This is the world of Illegal Tender

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