Top Notch

Top Notch

Another cover featuring Alpha! The song Top Notch by Manchester Orchestra always reminds me of him – basically about something terrible that happened and there’s nothing anyone can do to make it right. And that’s how Alpha feels most of the time. That by creating supers he’s made this impossible situation where nothing he does will make things right again. My main ‘villain’ turns out to be my main ‘hero’ – how often does that happen?

Illegal Tender issue #1 will be available for digital purchase in 2016!!

Twin Tuesday


Every tuesday or so I’m going to post something about the Breland twins. Today’s post: Erol is older than Hunter by about a minute and a half. Making Hunter the baby of the family

Throw Back Thursday

Sonya14-unfinishedIllegal Tender has a lot of history. The characters used to be in several different story lines, they used to look different, act different and have different jobs. Here’s a look at Sonya’s look throughout the years for #TBT



Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Time for a little Canon-Back Story: Emil used to work for the Agency and while in their thrall he developed a pretty serious addiction to heroin. It ‘helped him sleep’ after all the horrible stuff they used to order him to do. He was two steps away from going to the detention center (and be put down) because his carelessness in the field when Dominic managed to get him out of the agency and into the I.T. crew. During his difficult withdrawal period Dominic took Emil out to a rundown hunting cabin – which he had just purchased and planned to fix up. To help keep Emil away from drugs they spent nearly a year out at the cabin rebuilding everything – one of the things they built together was the dock.

One of Emil’s favorite things to do it skinny dip 🙂

In my head – it’s a floating dock rather than one that’s rooted by the poles (in this case they’re like a buoy) They help keep the dock up.

View From the Top

View From the Top

Just a little something to show Kiddo’s life with Alpha isn’t all that bad. Despite being underhanded he’s actually nice to his granddaughter – he dotes on her and gives her anything she wants. Including a room that faces East. Yes unlike nearly everyone on the I.T. crew Kiddo is a morning person. I think the only other morning person is Del and sometimes Sonya. But Kiddo likes getting up to watch the sun – after all she is pure energy, so when a giant energy source rises in the sky she gets up. And because she sort of demanded it she gets a room with an unobstructed view. Not that Alpha tore down buildings to give her that… no…

It’s the return of the headband from issue two – one of the few things she was able to keep after moving in with Alpha. Since the other girls were all dressed in pink and purple I put her in green and blue. Even though there’s a trope about redheads that wear green 🙂

…that balcony might get revamped tomorrow

Lily ‘Kiddo’ Breland belongs to me

Sheer Bliss

Sheer Bliss

Felt like drawing the boss lady in not-so-boss-lady clothes. Been a while since I’ve drawn a regular pic of Del by herself… with clothes on. Plus I got a bunch of new patterns from that I want to use (only got to use one though)

Kind of got a weather theme going on right now – with Zen in the rain and Del in the summer heat. It’s mostly about the dress – I wanted to do something sheer – not sure why it’s rather hard to get it to look right – and summery! I think it should be known that I hate hats. They don’t fit my head irl and I don’t like drawing them but whatever. Del is so cute 🙂

Del Landau belongs to me and is featured in Illegal Tender



Say Goodbye to I.T. for a few weeks – THIS IS THE ISSUE 4 FINALE!!

What will become of the Breland kids? Has Emil literally turned his back on them forever? Have I just been teasing the audience withe idea that he and Kiddo will end up together? Well I can’t answer those question – you’ll just have to come back and read issue #5: “Hell of a Season”

Last Raindrops

Last Raindrops

Named after a song by Fitz and the Tantrums – I’m totally in love with their album 🙂

felt like drawing Zen doing something non-speedy and this came to mind. There have been a bunch of pop up thunderstorms here in Georgia and that can only mean one thing… it’s summer here! Seriously it’ll be blue skies and sunshine one minute and then the next the sky goes dark and it rains like the world is ending for maybe five minutes. Then it’s back to sunshine like it never happened. The weather in this state is hilarious.

The rainbow umbrella was a gift from Del 😀
Took me forever to get all the water details…

Zen Love belongs to me



And all that love you used to have for Emil just evaporated into thin air like it was never there. I bet you feel like Hunter does right about now…

Sorry kids, but blood is thicker than water and when it comes down to it the only person in the world that always has Emil’s back is his big brother Dominic. How could he not make this deal? Especially with Dom willing to sacrifice himself for the Breland kids. He’s a saint, plain and simple – it’s how he got the nick-name ‘Saint Dom’.

The issue finale is next week!