I.T. 5×14


Yeah, it’s still not that easy for these two. But they’re getting there. Just hold out hope that Emil will grow a pair and finally tell her. Good call on not doing it right now. Take note – don’t tell a girl your madly in love with her after telling her her father was a jerk that nearly made you murder one of your best friends

I love how Dominic was out partying while his younger brother was at home in bed. He has the ice pack for two reasons…

Zen’s hair meme

Zen13-unfinishedHere baby, there momma – everywhere daddy daddy – HAIR!

Zen was next up in line for a meme of her own. Plus if I did Darkly it wouldn’t make any sense. So here’s the blank meme: http://www.deviantart.com/art/for-the-Little-Lady-Hair-meme-123254235

The pony tail is her normal style so that one is kind of anh. As for pigtails she doesn’t like hair do’s that make her look like a little girl – she hates it when her age difference with Del is obvious so no pigtails for Zen. She likes the side ponytail – Del has been known to wear her hair like this and Zen thinks it looks classy 🙂 Zen doesn’t particularly like short hair on herself which is why she keeps it long. She’d look a little like Vivian with her hair short. Long? Well her hair is already long so I just made it a little longer and from her smile she likes it. Up do… she doesn’t hate it but she prefers her hair down and free

Zen and her wavy green locks belong to me

Illegal Tender 5×12

CCF29082014_00002Look how skinny Dominic used to be!! LOL He was a total twink. And yes, that little girl Emil refused to kill was in fact a twelve year old Sonya! I love Kiddo’s face – she’s in disbelief that Emil tied things together like this. And that her father could be so malicious. But then again he is a Reid and if they want to use their powers on you they’re gonna.

That normal woman is not really anyone important – her kids are not going to pop up later on and no one will come or revenge against Emil. I wanted to give her a striking appearance to signify what a big deal her death was. Emil has gotten away with murder – that’s what this is. But he lives with the guilt everyday so don’t think he just killed her a moved on with his life. The ‘stronger’ super that John is referring to is Sonya’s father but Emil had nothing to do with his death.

Illegal Tender 5×05


It’s kind of a crime that Darkly let such a beautiful woman go to bed by herself. Poor Sonya – she’s been over shadowed by computers and that’s just insulting. But then again Darkly’s been sweating in the server room all day so he’s probably not the best company right now.