Promises 2

Promises 2

Finally found a sketch app for my Cintiq that’s half way decent and didn’t cost anything to save my work. So of course I drew Kiddo and Emil. I was still in my feels for them since yesterday’s tbt post was of how they first met way back in the day. My kids have come a long way since then 🙂

Leading Ladies of Illegal Tender

Postcard 2Not that I didn’t like the old postcard but ever since I finished Lily and Zen’s covers I wanted to do one of just the ladies of Illegal Tender. After all the comic is mainly about them… the boys are just there for eye candy and comic relief. For those who don’t know my girls from left to right:

Zen Love – super speed
Lily Breland – energy manipulation
Del Landau – super strength
Sonya Dey – Telekinesis and Telepathy

Issue #1 will be available for digital download 2016!!

I.T. 6×05

6x05Poor Alpha – the only thing he was wrong about was testing it on animals. And that it would give everyone the ability to heal. Nope. All it does is unleash some latent ability and it varies from person to person – like how some people can roll their tongue and others can’t. I figured Alpha’s super serum should work the same way. Initially at any rate, once you’re changed your kids will inherit your powers unless of course your spouse is also a super – then it’s a luck of the draw. His ability was energy manipulation and energy can pretty much do anything – including heal people.

Mystery solved! General Croix is in fact Emil’s great great great grandfather… was that too many greats? Yes, Emil’s ancestor on his mother’s side (his father isn’t a super). If you’re wondering why Dominic and Gloria don’t have heterochromia well again that’s one of those ‘luck of the draw’ things. Genetics are fun!

Save My Love

Scan 14

I got the title from an episode of Justified 🙂

I know I usually do happy stuff but I drew this when Jae dumped me so… yeah…
I think I mentioned before that Darkly is pretty much defenseless – he doesn’t know how to fight and he doesn’t like using guns. And he can only run so far because he’s out of shape. And this will eventually happen in the comic – some dumb fool comes looking to mess with him not knowing his girlfriend has the power to make peoples heads explode. Well not really, I suppose she can crush their sculls with her telekinesis or make them go insane with her telepathy but whatever. Point is, don’t mess with Darkly cause she WILL find you

It’s Been A Long Time

Scan 5“I shouldn’t have left you”

… without a dope beat to step to. Yeah it’s been a really long time since I’ve drawn Emil and Kiddo together. Maybe it’s because they’re having a bit of difficult time in the comic but it’s starting to turn around for them so there.

The title is from an Aaliyah song – for some reason I started thinking about it when I drew this

I.T. 5×13

CCF15092014_00000Naked Emil!!!!!

I digress. He can really be a mean little shit when he wants to be can’t he? Telling John his kids are gonna end up drug addicted murderers. I don’t care who you are that’s cold. But I guess Emil is going through some kind of painful withdrawal when he said that. Still.

When you screw up at the Agency they chain you in a small room and beat the crap out of you before they ship you off to the detention center. Lucky for Emil they built it the year before he screwed up otherwise he’d have just been executed. Long sigh… really Kiddo? You don’t know why? You just want him to say it don’t you?

View From the Top

View From the Top

Just a little something to show Kiddo’s life with Alpha isn’t all that bad. Despite being underhanded he’s actually nice to his granddaughter – he dotes on her and gives her anything she wants. Including a room that faces East. Yes unlike nearly everyone on the I.T. crew Kiddo is a morning person. I think the only other morning person is Del and sometimes Sonya. But Kiddo likes getting up to watch the sun – after all she is pure energy, so when a giant energy source rises in the sky she gets up. And because she sort of demanded it she gets a room with an unobstructed view. Not that Alpha tore down buildings to give her that… no…

It’s the return of the headband from issue two – one of the few things she was able to keep after moving in with Alpha. Since the other girls were all dressed in pink and purple I put her in green and blue. Even though there’s a trope about redheads that wear green 🙂

…that balcony might get revamped tomorrow

Lily ‘Kiddo’ Breland belongs to me