I.T. 6×17 6×18 and 6×19

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I.T. 6×08

6x08Zoom Zoom Zoom!

I there’s anything that will get Zen out of bed fast it’s her mother’s cooking. Speaking of which Olina got a make over. The only picture I ever drew of her she looked too much like her daughters and that was a little weird. I’m always going on about how black people come in all different shades so I decided to put my money where my mouth is. They’re not drastically different from one another in the color department but I decided Zen was going to resemble her father more – even though I may never draw him. Serenity also got a bit of a do-over she is now the same complexion as their father who is also where they get their green eyes. I still wanted her hair to be super big. I can’t remember what age I said she was before but now she’s 12.

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Christmas 2014

Scan 13Merry Christmas from the I.T. crew! Del and Zen got last year so this year I decided Emil and Kiddo should represent. Anyone else think Kiddo made it a little too easy for him to steal this kiss?

Fly without Leaving the Ground

CCF13102014_00000Not sure where this came from. I think it’s maybe I don’t get to show her powers in the comic. I swear the comic has turned into the Emil and Kiddo show but they’re the main characters so I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be. You don’t read Wolverine to learn more about Cyclops. I digress – hopefully I’ll be able to show more of Zen and Del next issue cause the way I wrote the en of this one it’s just more Kiddo and Emil. And a little bit of Alpha and the twins.

Anyway – just a pic of Zen I felt like doing. If you’ve been paying real close attention you’ll notice she’s wearing Del’s pendant from Issue #4: The Chain

Illegal Tender 5×15

CCF08102014_00000Early post! I wanted to go ahead and post this because tonight is the Walking Dead season 5 premiere.

So yeah, meet Darkly’s family! Marco is the tallest and no one knows where he comes from Cause Carlos is only 5’6. Sonya is an amazon at 5’8. Isabelle kind of looks like a Hispanic Del. Gotta really make sure I get her face shape right next time. Apparently they have done this before if they know to bring food and expect girls in Darkly’s apartment. At least they’re cute underwear Sonya 🙂

I.T. 5×13

CCF15092014_00000Naked Emil!!!!!

I digress. He can really be a mean little shit when he wants to be can’t he? Telling John his kids are gonna end up drug addicted murderers. I don’t care who you are that’s cold. But I guess Emil is going through some kind of painful withdrawal when he said that. Still.

When you screw up at the Agency they chain you in a small room and beat the crap out of you before they ship you off to the detention center. Lucky for Emil they built it the year before he screwed up otherwise he’d have just been executed. Long sigh… really Kiddo? You don’t know why? You just want him to say it don’t you?

Illegal Tender 5×12

CCF29082014_00002Look how skinny Dominic used to be!! LOL He was a total twink. And yes, that little girl Emil refused to kill was in fact a twelve year old Sonya! I love Kiddo’s face – she’s in disbelief that Emil tied things together like this. And that her father could be so malicious. But then again he is a Reid and if they want to use their powers on you they’re gonna.

That normal woman is not really anyone important – her kids are not going to pop up later on and no one will come or revenge against Emil. I wanted to give her a striking appearance to signify what a big deal her death was. Emil has gotten away with murder – that’s what this is. But he lives with the guilt everyday so don’t think he just killed her a moved on with his life. The ‘stronger’ super that John is referring to is Sonya’s father but Emil had nothing to do with his death.

I.T. 5×11


Emil gets out his box of tricks. Just kidding – it’s just a box where he keeps all the memorabilia of his horrible life in the Agency. Kind of wierded out that he’s so blah about some dude getting killed right in front of him. Ah well young Emil was bitter about being beaten by his father for ten years. Now he’s got a low paying job hunting down other supers – you’d be jaded too.

Late post, sorry

Loving You


After drawing Darkly so mean I had to lighten my mood. What better way to do that than to draw him with Sonya. Ironically, ‘Loving You’ is another song off of Michael Jackson’s Xscape album.

Unfortunately my computer showed it’s age and had a major bitch fit while I was coloring this. After I got it running again I realized it lost a huge chunk of the shading that I was doing to this. I had been DONE with their shading and it was so beautiful and perfect and when I started shading the sheets the computer crapped out. Not only that but the driver on my tablet uninstalled during the reboot and after a small tantrum I decided I had lost too much to go back and try again so I went in a different direction with this. I’m starting to like how the lines look when they’re a different color

Darkly and Sonya belong to me and are featured in Illegal Tender