Like my brother, handsome & tall


Oh Marco. Gorgeous Marco. So yeah following a theme in IT that everyone has awesome (older) brothers. Marco adores his baby brother – he taught Darkly everything he knows. He never minded when Darkly wanted to tag along with him and they go surfing together all the time. Marco isn’t without his faults – for one thing theres his flirting with Sonya or just any woman he comes across. And as seen in issue #5 he is rather rough and tumble with the diminutive Darkly. Plus he’s one of those guys that knows he’s fine af so he’s a bit egotistical. Like Darkly, Marco’s power is intelligence but his specialty is engineering – if you can think of something Marco can figure out how to build it and have it perform 10 different functions (Rita is mathematics and Vivian is science). I wanted to revamp him a bit – so far he’s only appeared in issue #5 – I wanted him to be darker like their mom but still favor Carlos in the looks department. His nose isn’t quite as bumped out as Darkly but they have the same widows peak, eyebrows and smile.

Can you tell that I get along with my older brother – it comes across in my characters doesn’t it? He’s a great guy and yes he’s freakin tall as hell. I’m about 5’8 and he towers over me at 6’2. I often find myself looking at his goofy ass just like Darkly is looking at Marco. Like how can you be so smart and be a giant doofus at the same time?

The full line of the title is from a Prince song called ‘Lady Cab Driver’ and it goes “This is for me not being born like my brother – handsome and tall.”



“Sweet Dreams”

A yes, I knew this one would have to Hunter since Erol got the cover to Erotic City. This is in fact an aged-up Hunter Breland doing his best impression of Prince from the LOVESEXY album art. A lot of people didn’t like Lovesexy when it came out because Prince made it after hastily recalling the infamous Black Album – but I gotta say for something he made in less than a week it’s a solid album. I love it. And not just for the cover which features Prince in this exact pose. His body is… was… crazy nice. But he was so tiny. Hunter (once he’s grown) is about 6’2 and he’s quite a bit thicker than Prince – note his little love handles and that ample booty.

Hunter is rather shy about being naked – even when he gets older. He’s modest unlike his brother who will streak anywhere is asked. SHOULDER FRECKLES!

I.T. 5×20

Scan 4Oh shit – she just pushed Hunter’s berserk button. Do not and I mean do NOT talk badly about his mother. Being the baby of the family he was a total momma’s boy. Also they’re all still torn up about their parents death – I wanted to show that they still feel the pain of it.

Speaking of feelings… my heart isn’t strong enough for the last part of this page. At first I felt a little bad that he screamed at Katherine that way – after all Hunter loves women. I mean he really really loves women – all women, doesn’t matter how they look or what age they are he loves women… well except Cynthia but we all know why he hates her. So not only did he snap over what she said about his mother but he’s angry at himself for screaming at a woman.  It’s just not him. Poor baby – he was so optimistic about returning to school but he ends up miserable before the first bell. Also my feels for the twins… my heart – I love how they get strength from each other. Erol is clueless when it comes to dealing with women but he’s able to sense his brother is in pain and needs him.

Disregard the fact that they’re hugging in a bathroom – it couldn’t be helped. It was the only place Hunter could get his tears out without anyone seeing. I can’t believe I’m down to the final five pages of this issue already – feels like it just started.