Leading Ladies of Illegal Tender

Postcard 2Not that I didn’t like the old postcard but ever since I finished Lily and Zen’s covers I wanted to do one of just the ladies of Illegal Tender. After all the comic is mainly about them… the boys are just there for eye candy and comic relief. For those who don’t know my girls from left to right:

Zen Love – super speed
Lily Breland – energy manipulation
Del Landau – super strength
Sonya Dey – Telekinesis and Telepathy

Issue #1 will be available for digital download 2016!!

Illegal Boys

Illegal Boys

Realized I never did this before – not only that but I don’t draw the guys as much as I should. Why isn’t Aiden here? Because he’s a secondary character. Surprise! The twins and Dominic had been upgrade to main characters! I had to do it – they appear way more than other secondary characters. Plus the twins and Dominic are fan favorites and I always draw them great of the first try. Anyway, it’s time for a roll call – from left to right:

Emil Zell
Hunter Breland
Darkly Vegas
Erol Hunter
Dominic Zell

…And they all belong to me