Issue 3 page 5 preview


Surprise Preview of Issue #3 remaster! Yes, I decided to post the whole page instead of just a segment because this WHOLE PAGE had to be done over and it came out fantastic. The wip of this got so many faves that I wanted to show everyone how it turned out. Le sigh – it’s never going to be that easy for these two. But they’ll get there… eventually 🙂

U Got The Look


“Color you peach and black – color me taken a back. BABY!”

Sonya and Darkly cause I haven’t drawn them together in a long time. And I love illustrating how different they are from each other. Especially when it comes to their ‘club’ look. A lot of people don’t think of Darkly as a big dancer but he damn sure isn’t gonna let Sonya dance alone. Plus all he really has to do is stand there while she does her thing. This was originally going to be them in a park or something until I remembered the video to U Got the Look is actually a stage performance made to look like a club. I gave Darkly a summer hair cut cause it’s friggin hot here!

U Got the Look is yet another Prince Song

Promises 2

Promises 2

Finally found a sketch app for my Cintiq that’s half way decent and didn’t cost anything to save my work. So of course I drew Kiddo and Emil. I was still in my feels for them since yesterday’s tbt post was of how they first met way back in the day. My kids have come a long way since then 🙂

Throwback Thursday: When Kiddo met Emil

TBT page 43Not everyone knows Kiddo and Emil used to be completely different from his they are now. Back in 2004 they were part of an anthropomorphic whatever-that-comic-was-about-who-cares. Anyway I still love this page of how they met and how sweet little Emil was. Just like in I.T. he is the first person to call Lily ‘Kiddo’

Leading Ladies of Illegal Tender

Postcard 2Not that I didn’t like the old postcard but ever since I finished Lily and Zen’s covers I wanted to do one of just the ladies of Illegal Tender. After all the comic is mainly about them… the boys are just there for eye candy and comic relief. For those who don’t know my girls from left to right:

Zen Love – super speed
Lily Breland – energy manipulation
Del Landau – super strength
Sonya Dey – Telekinesis and Telepathy

Issue #1 will be available for digital download 2016!!

Electric Lady

you got the look the God agree they want to see

Electric Lady

It’s been years since I’ve done a mock cover on my leading lady, Lily. I love how this came out – which was a great pick up after this weekend of failure. I have always liked the idea of the unassuming super hero. Del has the same look – she’s super strong but she’s this little 5’4 Jewish woman. Same with Kiddo – she’s the most powerful being in the universe but she’s this skinny, 17 year old volley ball player. She wears frilly shirts, writes in a diary and wants to be a doctor – she can also destroy everything in her path with a flick of her wrist. Alpha and John don’t have nearly as much raw energy as her. She even has the potential to control the energy and powers of other supers. Which is why the Agency will be gunning for her in issue #7.

Speaking of Murder Ink, I’m afraid this awesome pic comes with bad news. The premiere has been pushed by another week. I just don’t have nearly all the pages I want to have. So Murder Ink will (hopefully) premiere on the 20th. In the meantime… pics

Illegal Tender

cropped-zazzle-banner.jpgIn a world where having super powers is illegal, all super humans are required to register themselves and serve an insidious corporation simply known as ‘The Agency’. The organization has spent years amassing a virtual army of Supers and spreading propaganda that supers are contagious. Those who do not want to serve are detained – indefinitely.

There are a few supers that have formed a resistance. Using their powers to stay under the radar and out of the Agency’s control. They operate out of a small bar – teaching others the truth about super beings and fighting for equality. This is the world of Illegal Tender

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Lily ‘Kiddo’ Breland

Lily 'Kiddo' Breland

Full name: Lillian Delrina Breland
Alias: Kiddo
Age: 16-17
Height: 5’6
Weight: 125 lbs

Before joining I.T. Lily was a very normal teenage girl. She went to school, got good grades, had a few friends and enjoyed playing volley ball. She has the aspiration of becoming a doctor, like her parents. Her father was a pharmacist and her mother was a surgeon. Her powers first manifested when she was thirteen – while playing with her younger brothers, Hunter threw a ball at her and when she flinched her powers deflected it away from her. After that her father told her to be very careful not to use her powers in public – and that it was now Hunter and Erol’s job to protect her if someone should see it and try to take her away. For three years Lily practiced using her powers, little by little – but she still can not control them in situations of extreme distress.

After her parents death and joining I.T. Lily is determined to still follow her dream of becoming a doctor.

Lily is a somewhat reserved girl. Like any teenager she is sometimes unsure of her feelings and hesitates to act on them. She tries to express them as often as possible – knowing her powers will lash out if she keeps them bottled inside. To help with this she has a diary that she keeps with her almost at all times. Her main fear is not being able to control her powers – that she might hurt herself or her brothers by accident. Or if she’s using them to fly that they might cut out on her. There’s also the possibility of over using them and being destroyed by the energy that generates them.

Lily’s power is energy manipulation, and therefore they are virtually limitless. She can shoot it from her hands, make a barrier, and propel herself off the ground. If she’s using a mass amount of her powers her eyes will glow and every thing around her will levitate – her energy creates something like a gravitational pull/orbit. Because she is basically pure energy, Lily often glows in the dark, even when not using her powers. If she is asleep, the light with fade in and out as she breathes. While her powers are limitless, she is not. In order to not be destroyed by them she can not constantly use them. The mental and physical stain will exhaust her and without a mind to control the energy it will just keep going until it is contained (energy can not be destroyed).

Lily’s relationships – Warning: Slight spoilers ahead!

Erol and Hunter: While Lily loves her younger brothers she often annoyed by them. On one hand they protect her from harm. On the other hand they as still teenage boys and are prone to moments of immature behavior. They take protecting Lily very seriously but they also take video games seriously. They are wary of any other boys that talk to Lily – giving them the third degree and scrutinizing them until they are sure he can be trusted – the same goes for Emil, Darkly and Aiden. If they argue it is mostly just nonsensical sibling squabbles.

Emil: Lily and Emil get along for the most part at first because they have to. She doesn’t enjoy living with him because he is nosy and his job at the bar has him stumbling in at odd hours. In the beginning Lily does not like Emil because of the training he puts her through. And he often dismisses her cautious observations as nagging. As they get to know each other, they grow closer – finding that they have a lot of the same interests – which is surprising for two people who are so different. When she learns about his past Lily realizes Emil is just like her – a normal person suddenly thrust into a strange and different situation.

Del: Lily respects Del a lot. She sees the woman as a role model and often looks to her for advice. Del teaches Lily the basics of combat and field medicine.

Zen: Lily and Zen don’t really get a long. Their personalities clash. Zen is very brazen and arrogant and Lily finds it annoying. They find themselves in a begrudging alliance.

Sonya: Lily and Sonya become close friends very quickly. Lily finds it easy to talk to Sonya because of how close they are in age. They spend a lot of time together in Sonya’s shop.

Darkly: Lily and Darkly are not exactly friends but they don’t hate each other. Darkly knows who Lily’s father is and is therefore very wary of her. It also adds to the fact that he’s a very awkward guy.


Kiddo’s official bio 🙂