‘Eternity is just one kiss’

Oh my precious baby redheads. They’re so freakin cute when they get all lovey. I always find their stand alone pictures to be a very funny difference between how they act in the comic. I imagine this takes place a few years after the comic. They’ve both grown on each other 🙂 Emil loves Kiddo so much he even finds clothes that sport her jersey number. After some years Kiddo becomes Sonya’s model for her clothing line. Emil continued to wear fatigues like they’re still cool. Poor baby. I had imagined this is the back entrance of the church Emil attends. He attends mass and she meets him there so they can walk to work/home together. But today they are in no particular hurry so they sit and enjoy the over grown garden. Since Emil is the whitest man ever and his powers make him sensitive to temperature he turns red in the nippy air. Kiddo is blushing because he’s touching her butt. I rarely draw her with her hair up in stand alone pics but the girl in the ref had a high bun I just had to pay homage. After some thought I decided to just make him standard Christian. At first I was going to make him follow Catholicism seeing how he’s French-Creole but he’s a former addict and the religion they turn to is usually just basic Christianity.

So glad I finally got to finish this! The first day I tried PS kept crashing whenever I loaded a new brush. Second day was wasted waiting for a system update. Third day was more updates that slowed my tablets productivity to a crawl but I buckled down and got this done. Wanted to draw them in a more serious romance than their halloween picture – I love that this couple can do both. This scene was heavily reference from a couple pic I found on pinterest: https://pin.it/wa1qGXM. I was going to make another tutorial video on how to ‘search for and work from references’ but honestly all I do if go to Pinterest and search ‘couple ref’ and keep it moving. Yes, that’s legit what I do for a ref. Pinterest has better images than Google. Google uses stock photos. Stock photos tend to be stiff because they are staged and that can come across in your drawings. The couple I ref’ed are more than likely a real couple or they are incredibly comfortable with each other to put this cozy pose off.

4Ever is of course a Prince song

Emil and Kiddo star in Illegal Tender – get issues 1-4 today!!

It Pays To Be Short

Drew this on my cintiq – after four months I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’ve been listening to Adele 25 and it’s a great album. This came to mind while listening to “All I Ask”. Sonya and Darkly did start out as friends – from the moment she stepped into I.T. they got along. And it was Darkly who made the first move out of the friend zone’. Nothing against the other I.T. couples but Sonya and Darkly are my favorite. There’s just something about a Hispanic boy and a half Jamaican girl that just go together 🙂

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Time for a little Canon-Back Story: Emil used to work for the Agency and while in their thrall he developed a pretty serious addiction to heroin. It ‘helped him sleep’ after all the horrible stuff they used to order him to do. He was two steps away from going to the detention center (and be put down) because his carelessness in the field when Dominic managed to get him out of the agency and into the I.T. crew. During his difficult withdrawal period Dominic took Emil out to a rundown hunting cabin – which he had just purchased and planned to fix up. To help keep Emil away from drugs they spent nearly a year out at the cabin rebuilding everything – one of the things they built together was the dock.

One of Emil’s favorite things to do it skinny dip 🙂

In my head – it’s a floating dock rather than one that’s rooted by the poles (in this case they’re like a buoy) They help keep the dock up.