Promises 2

Promises 2

Finally found a sketch app for my Cintiq that’s half way decent and didn’t cost anything to save my work. So of course I drew Kiddo and Emil. I was still in my feels for them since yesterday’s tbt post was of how they first met way back in the day. My kids have come a long way since then 🙂

Throwback Thursday: When Kiddo met Emil

TBT page 43Not everyone knows Kiddo and Emil used to be completely different from his they are now. Back in 2004 they were part of an anthropomorphic whatever-that-comic-was-about-who-cares. Anyway I still love this page of how they met and how sweet little Emil was. Just like in I.T. he is the first person to call Lily ‘Kiddo’

Illegal Tender

cropped-zazzle-banner.jpgIn a world where having super powers is illegal, all super humans are required to register themselves and serve an insidious corporation simply known as ‘The Agency’. The organization has spent years amassing a virtual army of Supers and spreading propaganda that supers are contagious. Those who do not want to serve are detained – indefinitely.

There are a few supers that have formed a resistance. Using their powers to stay under the radar and out of the Agency’s control. They operate out of a small bar – teaching others the truth about super beings and fighting for equality. This is the world of Illegal Tender

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Sergeant Sexy

Sergeant Sexy

Cheesiest. Title. EVER!

But what do you care – it’s Dominic! Dominic without a shirt on. Now for a little history: Dominic was actually forced into working for the Agency. After they got Emil they snatched up Dominic to use him against Emil, so he’d do what they wanted. After a brief imprisonment Dominic was given the choice to join the ranks and he chose the military branch of the organization where he made it all the way to Sergeant before opting to take a job on the Agency Police Enforcement – yes the agency has it’s own police force. Anyway when Emil defected Dominic had to stay behind so it wouldn’t raise suspicion which is what he’s doing now. He intercepts a lot of arrest and investigation orders put out on I.T. When he’s not too busy being perfect he likes to read trashy romance novels (like the ones found in grocery stores with the red covers)

Yes he and Emil have matching tattoos but Dom’s is on his chest 🙂