Leading Ladies of Illegal Tender

Postcard 2Not that I didn’t like the old postcard but ever since I finished Lily and Zen’s covers I wanted to do one of just the ladies of Illegal Tender. After all the comic is mainly about them… the boys are just there for eye candy and comic relief. For those who don’t know my girls from left to right:

Zen Love – super speed
Lily Breland – energy manipulation
Del Landau – super strength
Sonya Dey – Telekinesis and Telepathy

Issue #1 will be available for digital download 2016!!

New Characters: Luc and Katherine!

New Characters: Luc and Katherine!

What!? WHAT!!?? New I.T. characters WHAT!!?? Yes, my darling I.T. fans I have finally come up with more secondary characters. Cause let’s face it the twins are full on main characters now. So may I introduce Luc Jones and Katherine Nyguyen 🙂 They’ll make their first appearance when the Brelands go back to school in issue 5. Are you excited yet? Good cause it’s time for BIOS!!

Luc Jones: One word kept coming to mind when I was drawing him – ‘sweet’. He’s a sweet boy with sweet soulful eyes and just about the biggest sweetheart anyone will ever meet. He plays the guitar and sings – kind of alterna-grunge music. This earns him some scorn from the ‘popular’ guys – all their girlfriends love his voice and how nice he is which leads him to getting roughed up quite a bit. Lucky for him he befriends the Breland twins on his first day. For his super power I’ll keep that a secret because if I say what it is you’ll know who he’s related too – just know there is no real family resemblance and that his last name is fake. His appearance is from another of my characters that never made it

Katherine Nyguyen: I realized the other day that I didn’t have any Asian characters in I.T. (unless you count Sean-li but he sucks so…) Her last name is pronounced “Win” cause that’s what she’s good at. Winning. She’s beautiful, smart and popular. Her super power? She doesn’t have one – unless being awesome is a super power. No? Well then she doesn’t have a power – Katherine is normal! In case you can’t tell she’s Black and Vietnamese. She’s one of those flawless high school girls that people flock to because she is just so cool and she is cool. Her roll in the story will be revealed later, for now just bask in her beauty 🙂 … I just realized there’s only one ‘Y’ in Nyguyen ^^;