“Sweet Dreams”

A yes, I knew this one would have to Hunter since Erol got the cover to Erotic City. This is in fact an aged-up Hunter Breland doing his best impression of Prince from the LOVESEXY album art. A lot of people didn’t like Lovesexy when it came out because Prince made it after hastily recalling the infamous Black Album – but I gotta say for something he made in less than a week it’s a solid album. I love it. And not just for the cover which features Prince in this exact pose. His body is… was… crazy nice. But he was so tiny. Hunter (once he’s grown) is about 6’2 and he’s quite a bit thicker than Prince – note his little love handles and that ample booty.

Hunter is rather shy about being naked – even when he gets older. He’s modest unlike his brother who will streak anywhere is asked. SHOULDER FRECKLES!

I.T. 5×06


Sorry for the late post – my nephew turned 5 months today and we had this all day picnic thing. Anyway, welcome to the Emil show! Those who don’t know by now Emil used to be a heroin addict. It’s common for former addicts have recurring dreams where they are still doing drugs or what have you. It’s an incredibly vivid dream that you body actually reacts to – sweat, disorientation, pain. It’s crazy.

A little Emil fan service 😀

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