Issue 3 page 5 preview


Surprise Preview of Issue #3 remaster! Yes, I decided to post the whole page instead of just a segment because this WHOLE PAGE had to be done over and it came out fantastic. The wip of this got so many faves that I wanted to show everyone how it turned out. Le sigh – it’s never going to be that easy for these two. But they’ll get there… eventually 🙂

Page 17 Remaster Comparison

page 17 comparison

This isn’t the whole page just the panels with the most improvement. I’m almost done!! Issue #2 is looking as good as I always wanted it to. But this page (like many others) needed some work. The first run was never as intense as I wanted it to be. It came off too… cute – like Emil and Erol were play fighting. Well now the pictures match the words of this page and I love it! It’s amazing what a slight change in posture will do to improve the intensity of a scene. I always though that last frame in the original made Emil look goofy instead of angry. I need to fix the shading on Erol’s hair in the first panel but other than that…

I never realized just how terrifying Emil must actually look to other people. He’s got extreme heterochromia and his eyes slant which make them look mean without even trying. But on top of that he’s got those huge canines and I don’t care who you are – when sharp teeth are bared it’s scary. So yes, you don’t want him pissed off at you. Add to that his skills you get one bad mofo! I love Erol’s transition from ‘vengeful’ to ‘scared’ – if anyone remembers this is after Alpha shows up for the first time and Erol wants to kill him but Emil pretty much tells him ‘it ain’t that easy’.

Issue #2 remaster coming summer 2016!
Issue #1 available NOW!!

Throw Back Thursday

Sonya14-unfinishedIllegal Tender has a lot of history. The characters used to be in several different story lines, they used to look different, act different and have different jobs. Here’s a look at Sonya’s look throughout the years for #TBT



Kiddo’s Evolution

Kiddo's Evolution

This year I’ve officially been drawing Kiddo for ten years! TEN YEARS!! Man has she come a long way – there’s just no words for it. My style back then – if you could call it that was all over the place, I had just finished my fixation with manga and was starting my fixation with Bruce Timm which might explain the anime eyes and pointy shoulders. Half the time when I drew her I forgot her moles – the part in her hair kept switching sides between panels. Thankfully I got better… very slowly.

Kiddo was ‘shelved’ in 2007 and for three years I barely drew her but when I brought her back to be in I.T. in 2010 she still had her red hair despite not being an anthro-fox anymore. By 2012 I finally realized her head was too big ^^; I can’t believe that was already two years ago! Time sure flies. And just look at my Lily today… Just realized I’ve been making her jeans progressively lighter ^^;

I never realized just how… analog the original Kiddo was. I got photoshop when I started college in late 2004 but didn’t really become comfortable with it until 2011. The original comic had hand written speech bubbles, I only updated it for an art project in school. Notice how the black parts of her paws and hands are actual ink. Emil’s evolution will be similarly enlightening. What do you think of my little lady’s progression?

Love and Landau – Then and Now

Love and Landau - Then and Now

Side by side of Del and Zen. 2009 is when I first created them and back then my drawing style was… well you can see all the things wrong with it right? If you can’t you’re being too nice. Anyway, the one on the right is the pair how they appear today 🙂

LOL I reversed the colors and their arms 😀