I.T. 6×08

6x08Zoom Zoom Zoom!

I there’s anything that will get Zen out of bed fast it’s her mother’s cooking. Speaking of which Olina got a make over. The only picture I ever drew of her she looked too much like her daughters and that was a little weird. I’m always going on about how black people come in all different shades so I decided to put my money where my mouth is. They’re not drastically different from one another in the color department but I decided Zen was going to resemble her father more – even though I may never draw him. Serenity also got a bit of a do-over she is now the same complexion as their father who is also where they get their green eyes. I still wanted her hair to be super big. I can’t remember what age I said she was before but now she’s 12.

Lead in page – see y’all next week

I.T. 6×07

6x07So much fan service on one page – I think I may have over done it. No? Alright, I can live with it. I never get to show these two together so I decided to give them an entire page just to spotlight their relationship in the actual comic. The last times in issue #2 and #3 it was only implied. Well here it is, in full color. they’re been together the longest of all the I.T. couple but Del and Zen don’t actually live together.

I also want everyone to see the difference between Zen and Sonya and their relationships with their mother’s. Notice how Zen has her in the her phone contacts as ‘Mommy’ – Sonya had her mother in as just ‘mom’. While Zen eagerly answers a call from her mother Sonya avoided it over five times. I got that from my own life actually. I’m a full grown woman but I still call my mother ‘mommy’ instead of mom. For a while I thought it was a racial thing – most of my white friends refer to their mother’s as just ‘mom’ where literally ALL of my black friends still say ‘mommy’ or ‘momma’ no matter how old they are. ‘Mom’ just always seemed so impersonal to me – like their not that close for some reason.

Anyway, enjoy this lead-in fanservice page – see y’all next week

Lone Light

Lone LightIt’s been a while since I’ve drawn Lily by herself. It’s also been a while since I’ve been able to flex my fashion muscle. So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately the life of a pure energy being can get lonely. She’ll out live all of her friends and family and no one quite understands the burden of her power. So she often finds herself alone, practicing how to control it. I think it would be a rather lonely existence. Think she could use some company? Maybe in the form of a southern boy with raspberry hair? Maybe in the next picture 🙂

First Flight

First FLight

Alpha wasn’t there for Kiddo’s first steps but he is one proud grandpa to be the one who teaches her to fly. Yup, that’s who she learns it from. Y’all ain’t ready to love Alpha, you’re just not ready yet but I’ll get you there. Because this is only the first of heart-melting things he does for his precious grand babies.

It’s not a secret that Lily is his favorite. They share the same power and like most girls she wants that steady father figure in her life – like how it was before her father died. This is not to say Alpha doesn’t get along with Erol and Hunter but his bonding with them isn’t nearly as whimsical. Nothing says ‘whimsy’ like a pink and purple sunrise, right?

Perfect Form

I.T. mock cover

I.T. mock cover

Another unfinished sketch I found and decided to do up like a mock cover. This is none other than the fearless leader of I.T. – Del! She brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘strong female character’ because her power is literally super strength.

Issue #6: Prototype premieres in 5 days!

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Kiddo’s Evolution

Kiddo's Evolution

This year I’ve officially been drawing Kiddo for ten years! TEN YEARS!! Man has she come a long way – there’s just no words for it. My style back then – if you could call it that was all over the place, I had just finished my fixation with manga and was starting my fixation with Bruce Timm which might explain the anime eyes and pointy shoulders. Half the time when I drew her I forgot her moles – the part in her hair kept switching sides between panels. Thankfully I got better… very slowly.

Kiddo was ‘shelved’ in 2007 and for three years I barely drew her but when I brought her back to be in I.T. in 2010 she still had her red hair despite not being an anthro-fox anymore. By 2012 I finally realized her head was too big ^^; I can’t believe that was already two years ago! Time sure flies. And just look at my Lily today… Just realized I’ve been making her jeans progressively lighter ^^;

I never realized just how… analog the original Kiddo was. I got photoshop when I started college in late 2004 but didn’t really become comfortable with it until 2011. The original comic had hand written speech bubbles, I only updated it for an art project in school. Notice how the black parts of her paws and hands are actual ink. Emil’s evolution will be similarly enlightening. What do you think of my little lady’s progression?