Intel Inside

Scan 2

I don’t draw Darkly nearly as much as I should. This is his first cover in a good two years, maybe more. Darkly is just so cool. Everyone thinks the smart character has to be shy, meek, or stuck up. Not my Darkly. How did you think he landed a hottie like Sonya – little Dark has serious game on and offline

Remastered page 3, 4 and 5

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Happy November! Getting closer to 2016 means getting closer to the release of the remastered issue #1. These page needed a minimum of fixes but they came out great!

Illegal Tender issue #1: Nice to Know You will be available for digital purchase soon!!

I.T. 6×08

6x08Zoom Zoom Zoom!

I there’s anything that will get Zen out of bed fast it’s her mother’s cooking. Speaking of which Olina got a make over. The only picture I ever drew of her she looked too much like her daughters and that was a little weird. I’m always going on about how black people come in all different shades so I decided to put my money where my mouth is. They’re not drastically different from one another in the color department but I decided Zen was going to resemble her father more – even though I may never draw him. Serenity also got a bit of a do-over she is now the same complexion as their father who is also where they get their green eyes. I still wanted her hair to be super big. I can’t remember what age I said she was before but now she’s 12.

Lead in page – see y’all next week

Lone Light

Lone LightIt’s been a while since I’ve drawn Lily by herself. It’s also been a while since I’ve been able to flex my fashion muscle. So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately the life of a pure energy being can get lonely. She’ll out live all of her friends and family and no one quite understands the burden of her power. So she often finds herself alone, practicing how to control it. I think it would be a rather lonely existence. Think she could use some company? Maybe in the form of a southern boy with raspberry hair? Maybe in the next picture 🙂

I.T. 6×05

6x05Poor Alpha – the only thing he was wrong about was testing it on animals. And that it would give everyone the ability to heal. Nope. All it does is unleash some latent ability and it varies from person to person – like how some people can roll their tongue and others can’t. I figured Alpha’s super serum should work the same way. Initially at any rate, once you’re changed your kids will inherit your powers unless of course your spouse is also a super – then it’s a luck of the draw. His ability was energy manipulation and energy can pretty much do anything – including heal people.

Mystery solved! General Croix is in fact Emil’s great great great grandfather… was that too many greats? Yes, Emil’s ancestor on his mother’s side (his father isn’t a super). If you’re wondering why Dominic and Gloria don’t have heterochromia well again that’s one of those ‘luck of the draw’ things. Genetics are fun!