I.T. 6×08

6x08Zoom Zoom Zoom!

I there’s anything that will get Zen out of bed fast it’s her mother’s cooking. Speaking of which Olina got a make over. The only picture I ever drew of her she looked too much like her daughters and that was a little weird. I’m always going on about how black people come in all different shades so I decided to put my money where my mouth is. They’re not drastically different from one another in the color department but I decided Zen was going to resemble her father more – even though I may never draw him. Serenity also got a bit of a do-over she is now the same complexion as their father who is also where they get their green eyes. I still wanted her hair to be super big. I can’t remember what age I said she was before but now she’s 12.

Lead in page – see y’all next week

Fly without Leaving the Ground

CCF13102014_00000Not sure where this came from. I think it’s maybe I don’t get to show her powers in the comic. I swear the comic has turned into the Emil and Kiddo show but they’re the main characters so I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be. You don’t read Wolverine to learn more about Cyclops. I digress – hopefully I’ll be able to show more of Zen and Del next issue cause the way I wrote the en of this one it’s just more Kiddo and Emil. And a little bit of Alpha and the twins.

Anyway – just a pic of Zen I felt like doing. If you’ve been paying real close attention you’ll notice she’s wearing Del’s pendant from Issue #4: The Chain

Zen Love

Zen Love

Her name hit me like a bolt of lightening the day I created her. I drew her and picked her colors with the help of neogenesis85 … and then for some reason I thought about getting one of those little desktop zen gardens and BAM: Zen Love

…never got that desktop garden…



By far my favorite page of this issue. Not only did it come out great but ZEN FINALLY USES HER POWERS!!! and she just pretty much told Sonya’s mother that she can GTFO. On one hand they’re right, Sonya’s old enough to take care of herself but on the other hand how are you gonna tell someone they can’t take their child somewhere. Either way, things are about to pop off… after three lead in pages

Breland Kid puppy pile 😀