I.T. 6×11 6×12 and 6×13

6x11 6x12 6x13Happy Easter! I bring the gift of three pages! Actually I’m just playing catch up. Tapastic has all new pages every Sunday. And a mobile app so you can get it where ever you go. Need a link, I got you covered: http://www.tapastic.com/musashden

Illegal Tender on Tapastic

Yup, the graphic novel you all know and love has found a home on Tapastic.com – a rather awesome website specifically for web based graphic novels. It has an app so you can read I.T. And take all 6 issues anywhere you go! 

The newest page is already there so head on over and take a gander: I.T. On Tapastic 

P. S. This blog will still update but Tapastic will update faster 🙂