Page 2 previewAfter waking up in the back of van a young girl must find a way to save herself and her family. Lily Breland and her brothers have been trained by their parents to survive in a world where having super powers is illegal. To avoid being imprisoned and forced to serve an insidious cooperation the three siblings join a small group of bartenders fighting for freedom and equality.

‘Normal’ people are kept in a state of ignorance and fear of ‘Supers’. They are led to believe supers are dangerous, mentally ill and contagious. The Agency feeds the public a false image to help collect and register super humans. For what purpose no one really knows, except the commander and chief of the Agency – a man simply known as Alpha.

The only public opposition to the Agency are the employees of I.T. – a small bar run by Del Landau. Del and several of her allies are former agents and other powerful supers who have managed to stay off the radar. Lily is forced into their secret war and must pick a side.

From Left to right: Darkly Vegas, Sonya Dey, Lily Breland, Emil Zell, Zen Love, Del Landau

From Left to right: Darkly Vegas, Sonya Dey, Lily Breland, Emil Zell, Zen Love, Del Landau

The main crew of I.T. consists of Della Rae Landau, Emil Zell, Sonya Dey, Darkly Vegas, Zen Love and Lily ‘Kiddo’ Breland. Under Del’s guidance they broke away from the Agency when they learned the truth about the origins of super humans. Being such a small faction it has taken them years to get other members. The Agency is constantly trying to prove that I.T. is a front for hording super humans – but thanks to Darkly they have been able to circumvent the Agency’s control.

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