Buy Issue #1

Buy Illegal Tender Issue#1 on Gumroad!

Illegal Tender is now available on Gumroad!

A fast growing online seller of digital books – get the first issue and join the crew!


Buy Illegal Tender Issue#1 on Gumroad!

Also buy direct from this site:

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Buy Now Button
Here’s where you get it all! Just follow these easy steps and Issue #1 will be all yours:

  1. Click Buy Now – simple yes? It’ll take you to the Paypal portal where you put in your card info – You DO NOT have to sign in or be a member of Paypal to use this checkout
  2. Click ‘Pay’ – Congrats you just bought I.T. issue #1! Follow the links to bring you back to and give you a special message 🙂
  3. Right-click and Save As – right click the download button and save as. This saves the PDF of issue #1 to your downloads. From there you can put it on any smart device and read it like an ebook!
  4. Read it! You’re done! I hope you like it and thanks in advance for buying Illegal Tender!

P.S. Issue #1 will be available in paperback very soon – as well as the digital download of issue #2

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