Del’s Different Race Meme


I got this idea from a Legend of Zelda meme that’s floating around. Rather than draw Del in different drawing styles I drew her as different races. Not many people remember or know this to begin with but Del is NOT white. She’s middle eastern and I don’t care what the US census says, middle eastern people are not caucasian – they are their own race that doesn’t really fit into the other ‘mainstream’ races.

Black is by far my favorite besides her regular race. Her hair would be so crinkly and gorgeous – she looks a little like a mix between Peaches and Olina. I meant to make her face a little more round on the Asian one. Hispanic came out super cute. White… not trying to be racist here but she’d be so plain – very un-Del. And last but not least I made up an alien race and inverted her colors.

Del Landau belongs to me and is featured in I.T.

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